National Police Certificate


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Australia Police Certificate
Criminal Record Check

Fingerprinting on the correct forms to accompany your appilcation

What must the applicant supply?
Applicants outside Australia need to provide:

  • Full set of fingerprints (Ink rolled, livescan is not accepted)
  • Completed Aplication Form
  • Processing Fee
  • We will take prints at tour home, office or at one of our office sites

    The application on Form C216-C for a Criminal Records Clearance must be accompanied by a set of fingerprints. We carry the appropriate cards in stock and will provide as many copies as needed for an inclusive fee

    For an appointment telephone:
    London: 020 7158 0332
    Surrey: 01483 200999
    Hants: 02380 308274
    or email

    UK Fingerprint is a trading style of Detective Ltd (Answers Investigation) Reg in England as company number 2807314

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    Telephone for an appointment on 020 7158 0332 or email

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