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In any workplace suspicion of theft, sabotage or other misdemeanour may naturally fall upon the organisation's employees. If evidence has been obtained there may be the need to compare prints that have arisen as a result of forensic examination to those of the workforce. While, of course, this cannot be demanded of an employee it is our experience that when such a request is made it is usual for employees to agree voluntarily

Evidence from Fingerprints

No matter how careful a wrongdoer may be, it is likely they will leave some evidence of tampering or misdoing. Unless someone is wearing gloves or full covering it is likely they will leave even a partial print behind. Forensic technique enables such evidence to be lifted. While comparison is an art in itself, fingerprints are unique and a positive match can be conclusive and irrefutable, providing sufficient points of comparison are found.

Taking Staff Fingerprints

We have set up fingerprinting in the workplace on many occasions, taking up to 1500 prints at a time. Our staff are sensitive to peoples needs and make the session interesting and fun, which helps to overcome employees potential reservations. Given a suitable location 1-5 of our staff attend, making the operation as speedy as possible. The resultant specimen prints are then taken back to our office where they can be compared, initially eliminating by type with the remainder given close examination

Obtaining evidence does much more than identifying the guilty party. Suspicion in a workplace environment can be damaging, and the presentation of assessing people's innocence rather than just the perpetrators guilt goes a long way to creating a positive work ethos.

Most employees are proude of where they work, and often feel let down by colleagues who are, essentially, crooks. Making a statement of going to lengths to prove people's innocence is a positive morale booster. When engaged with taking staff prints we will always promote this attitude - that the employer is taking positive steps for the employees benefit. Nearly all employees voluntarily submitting prints to clear themselves of suspicion will do so positively, taking an interest in the process and feeling they are making a positive contribution

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Fingerprinting employees

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